6 Features Of The Photorepost App!

Ever wandering your feed on Instagram and encountered a photo or video that you loved so much that you wanted to repost it? If yes, then you are in the right place. The Photorepost app is primarily best and built for Instagram users.

It’s not like you are taking anybody’s credit.

The post can be anything. It can be a funny video or photo or a social message. Long gone are times when you take a difficult screenshot, put it to the size of your story, text in the post, give credits to the video, and many more. It is time-consuming.

Photo repost is used to rescue time. Below are 7 features of it that you would love incredibly:

1. Direct repost from an Instagram feed

Why would you go to the current site and then repost the video or photo? With Photorepost you can directly repost the media from the Instagram feed.

2. No screenshot requirement

The app is not about editing screenshots. It’s a real reposting app. You are free from the tiring work of clicking a screenshot and then repost it.

3. You can save original media

This means that you can save the real photos and videos from the feed if you like it. You would not have to pay for that.

4. Searching is available

With Photorepost app you can search and the person or hashtags to link in the media or general terms as well.

5. Movable watermark

People can justify the watermark anywhere they want. It is movable in the app. They can also adjust its transparency.

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