How to Use Google Play Optimization to Get Your App Optimized For Google Play

Google Play Optimization is just another way to market your app. And why not? It is free and helps you achieve faster downloads. It is also a cost effective method to get the search engine’s attention to your app.

So, how can you optimize your app for Google Play? There are some steps to follow. First you need to find an app promotion directory. Usually it can be found by going through the major directories. Usually it is easiest to go to the major ones and search for the publisher.

You can then bookmark it and go there for every app promotion you want to do. One word of caution. If you don’t bookmark it right away. You won’t have easy access to it. You need to read your app promotion and check for updates. And then go to the bookmarks and check for updates every couple of days.

Once you bookmark an app promotion directory at Google, it is time to add the publisher to your app and Atlas. The Atlas directory is more limited than the Google one. It is limited to your app name and it’s description. It doesn’t allow you to add your website to it.

In order to be able to integrate your app to Atlas, you have to follow the same process as you would for your website. You need to create your app. That’s it. Then you need to update it with updates.

You can actually be very effective with Google Play Optimization, but you have to be patient. If you are serious about your app, you have to build it up slowly. It takes time. But you will see good results in a few months.

There are also a couple of important tips. First is to update your app as often as possible. And as it is FREE!

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