Is Google Reducing Developer App Store Optimization Profits For Developers?

App store optimization is the process that Google has been trying to get developers to utilize in order to increase their popularity. Developers who have already developed their apps for Google’s app store will no longer be rewarded for doing so, but instead will be forced to either go through the process of App Store Optimization or lose their position as one of the largest developers to work with the platform. The entire process was set up to punish companies that build apps and not to allow these companies to make money. This isn’t fair, and the entire situation should be changed so developers can make money, and Google can have more people testing their apps.

The idea that Google would choose developers who have already built their apps for the platform is mind boggling. What does this mean for developers who have not yet created their first app? Will they be punished for the next app they build? Will they be forced to accept the program that Google proposes, or will they be able to test the market place and the market without fear of losing their popularity? It seems completely unjust.

The reality is that Google never intended for developers to be penalized for their apps. If a developer is well known within the industry and has a product that has already been downloaded many times, then Google doesn’t care if the developers are the same developer who created their app. The only aspect that Google cares about is how many people use the apps they have.

The fact that Google continues to create and feature apps that have been downloaded many times is a travesty. Even though Google could easily list all the apps available to download, they decided not to. They created the platform because they wanted people to use the program, and they have failed to do so.

App developers who want to remain popular within the app market should understand that they need to keep up with the times and that they should be careful when they choose to list their apps. Of course, that is something that only a few developers have been able to accomplish. With the resources and skills necessary to create an app for the Android Market, most developers never make it past the first two or three apps.

If Google cannot figure out a way to reward developers that create unique apps and meet the requirements of the market, then the decision should be altered to give the developer the rewards that are needed to ensure their popularity in the eyes of the users. Users should be given the opportunity to see how the app works before they download it, and developers should be allowed to sell their products on the marketplace. This would put many of the users in a much better position and give them an advantage over other users who didn’t create their own apps.

By looking at the logic of why Google created the program in the first place, we can see that the reality is that Google doesn’t want developers to create original apps. Instead, Google wants developers to build apps that are similar to those which have already been released.

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