Fairy Tale – New Legend of Magic

Due to the popularity of Fairy Tail among the male viewers, the revenue for the new anime, Fairy Tail: New Legend of Magic, has increased steadily. So far the anime series is based on a manga by Hiro Mashima. It depicts the adventures of the characters in the Lylat system who possess the power of flight. It is a magical world where different races live together peacefully. It is a land filled with magic spells and mystery where anything can happen. However, being one of the few shows that tackles the war between humans and demons, it is often regarded as being a little too epic for children. Also it’s directed by Chiaki Konaka, which is known for such movies as Princess Mononoke, The Ghost and the Darkness and other fantasy/adventure films.

Although the Fairy Tail manga was already popular before it was adapted into an anime, many people still find it to be a little too complicated to understand. Most of the novels have already been translated and are in the public domain, so it is not required to know Japanese to enjoy it. However, it has been released to movie theaters with English subtitles for many years now. As a result, many fans are used to seeing the subtitles of the original anime. Furthermore, English dubs of the anime series have been made and have received more popularity with time. Although there are some subtle differences between the English dub and the Japanese one, there are some features that remain the same.

When it comes to revenue, a television anime series makes more than a DVD movie. The revenue from the latest series is always higher than any movie that it is compared to. However, there are still a lot of ways for you to create revenue from the new anime series. If you’re interested in merchandising products that depict the show, then there are quite a few out there. Some of the items are of great value, while others may have little or no value at all. The biggest money makers are the maid costumes, t-shirts, posters, hair clips, etc. Once you begin to collect your share of this great income, you will never look back.


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